Accelerate Marketing Efforts & Boost Demand

These days, customers aren’t exactly beating down your door. Many of the marketing strategies that worked well in the past just aren’t as effective. The result? Leads have diminished and new customer counts are down; utilization has fallen accordingly, as has profitability.

To combat these challenges and successfully generate demand in today’s economic climate, you must:

  • Clearly articulate a compelling value proposition that resonates with target markets.
  • Consistently—and cost-effectively—communicate that value proposition to customers.
  • Harness the power of the Internet to generate interest in your product.
  • Judiciously use high-impact marketing devices.

This 1-day hands-on workshop is designed for business owners, marketing managers and staff who want to learn key marketing principles and processes. Develop effective marketing strategies to successfully generate demand for your software and services. You’ll work with a 12-month marketing plan and budgeting tool, and complete the plan for your business during the final exercise.

Marketing Fundamentals

Learn how to:

  • Leverage the Microsoft brand and strategically position your business with a distinct, compelling market image.
  • Choose between four viable business models that define your overall business and marketing strategy.
  • Understand customer scenarios and their effect on marketing strategy.
  • Build a marketing machine that continuously generates high-quality leads.
  • Use the Technology Buying Cycle for software purchasing decisions, and define each phase to achieve maximum influence.
  • Understand the basic concepts of search engine optimization (SEO) to leverage your Web site as a strategic promotion and lead-generation tool.
  • Develop core marketing tactics for best results.

Leave the workshop with key documents, including a 12-month activity planner; a marketing plan and budget; a how-to guide of key marketing tactics; resource requirements; and a “Top 10 Barriers to Growth” white paper.

Workshops are conducted in a classroom setting with time for individual coaching and group discussion.

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