Velocity Program: A 12-month business management, sales, marketing and project delivery program designed exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics Partners in the United States.

About to Crack Under the Pressure?

You are kept up at night by the stress of:

  • Lackluster sales performance and minimal profit.
  • The stress of preparing for MPN Accreditation.
  • Stunted business growth.
  • The uncertainty of transitioning to the cloud.
  • Difficulty selling your business or acquiring others.

You need to turn your fortunes around but have no idea of where to start. PARTNERWORKS can help.

Video: Partner Drives Sales Success with PARTNERWORKS

Discover how PARTNERWORKS helped Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Socius revamp their sales strategy to boost executive buy-in from their clients.

Start Achieving Your Goals

As Microsoft’s U.S. Partner Development Center, our workshops feature Microsoft-approved Partner Academy Curriculum. We don’t simply regurgitate information from a book. Our consultants have years of experience resolving the challenges of Partners just like you and you will feel the difference.

Stop the stress and work towards your goal, whether it’s growing their business or selling it at a healthy profit and enjoying a comfortable retirement. Contact Us to find out how.