Microsoft Partner Programs: a planned series of consulting and service activities designed specifically to assist Microsoft Partners in leadership, sales and marketing.

Maximize Business Value

You may think you have a solid business today, but making the transition to the cloud requires an entirely different business model. If the value of your business resides in your proprietary knowledge, it decreases the resale value of your practice.

After spending years building your business, you need to have a proper exit strategy in place to realize the full potential profitability of your investments.

Detailed, Strategic Exit Plan

At PARTNERWORKS, we work with you to maximize your business value and guarantee a strong return on your investments with a detailed and specific exit strategy to work towards.

PARTNERWORKS helps you build the core pillars of a sellable business, including:

  • Strong Growth. A business that is simply “treading water” from a revenue perspective is not an attractive investment. Strong revenue momentum is a key requirement to acquiring maximum value for your business. Building this momentum requires strong marketing, sales, and delivery disciplines; 3 core elements of the Microsoft Partner Programs from PARTNERWORKS.
  • Predictable Profitability. Strong top-line growth is important, but so is profitability. In order to be profitable you need solid management structures, controls and disciplines across all functional areas. The Microsoft Partner Program from PARTNERWORKS helps you benchmark yourself against the broad reseller community and find the cash that you need for business growth in your existing practice. We help you formulated and execute a sound business strategy to expand your market share and overall value.
  • Viable Exit Strategy. Failing to plan is planning to fail. To realize the greatest possible value from your efforts, all of your key management decisions should be guided by a well-formulated exit strategy. Participation in the Microsoft Partner Programs from PARTNERWORKS ensures that when you’re ready to leave the business, you have built a business worth selling.

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