Executive Coaching: a long-term relationship designed to help executives develop and extend their capabilities to meet short- and long-term business objectives.

Feeling Alone?

It happens. As a business executive you are often left thinking no one knows where you’re coming from. You need someone to talk to who not only understands your specific business issues, but who also has insight into solving your problems. You need someone who can challenge your way of thinking and help you see past your self-perpetuating limitations.

You need a sounding board who is business oriented.

Reality-Check Time

Let’s face it, talking to your wife, your brother or your mom just isn’t cutting it. They may listen to you vent, but they aren’t objective enough to tell you how it really is. You need someone who is decision driven. You need someone who can give you the stiff kick you need to keep you on target. You need blunt direct information, and you need a reality check.

Pick the Big Rocks

You can’t address everything at once, but chances are, when you start talking about your business you will uncover more areas you need to talk about.

PARTNERWORKS offers direct, to-the-point coaching opportunities, which can help you address both your personal limitations and your business struggles. We offer expert knowledge in the areas of:

  • Benchmarking
  • Organizational Design
  • Business Model Evaluation
  • Business

Our coaching sessions cover the gamut of needs for business executives, and include but are not limited to:

  • Quarterly Review
    • Results vs. Budgets
    • Forecasts vs. Budgets
  • Changes to Market Conditions
    • Business Transformations
  • Compensation
  • Litigation
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Lay Offs & Restructuring

To get a firm grip on reality, Contact Us today…don’t worry, your mother will understand.