Managing Sure Step…before it manages you!

Managing Sure Step…before it manages you!

\The most common topics of discussion that arise in Sure Step classes are centered around how to facilitate adoption within a partner company and how to scale it for use in companies where enterprise projects are as rare as a Version 1 release with no bugs.

Managing Different Methodologies

Sure Step addresses different sized project types by enabling you to filter by Upgrade, Rapid (no customizations), Standard (single site), Agile (significant development) and Enterprise projects. Many partners feel that the Rapid and Standard methodology best suits their project needs.  There are, in fact, steps that can be taken to streamline Sure Step’s Standard Project methodology while keeping the critical project management milestones and checkpoints in place.

Trimming Analysis and Design

It is often practical to slim down the Analysis and Design Phase by reducing the amount of documentation delivered to the client for sign-off at the end of each phase.  In almost all projects it is useful to use one document format that accommodates both Requirements (the “What”) and Design (“the How”).  Any process flowcharts can be added as an appendix. It may also be possible to combine the Analysis and Design phases for which the output is one final deliverable Design document.  However, it is important that the project manager understands the project risk they are taking by skipping a sign off step at the end of the Analysis phase.

Finding Flexibility in a Structured Methodology

Sure Step is very flexible in terms of the documents that Partners can use for their projects. You can set-up your own projects and select the documents you want to use in each phase. You can filter out the documents you don’t typically use – just be sure to understand what their purpose is and what risks you are running by not deploying them. In the end, there are lots of way to manage Sure Step … and preventing it from managing you!

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