Video Worth a Hundred Pictures – Is Your Video Marketing Strategy Up-To-Date?

The use of video on the web has been growing exponentially over the last few years.  In my own life I find that I am regularly gravitating to video content on the web. Whether I am researching the latest geeky gadget, seeking a review for my soon to be new espresso machine or looking to find some pointers on how to play a song on my guitar, I find myself using that video search option on Google before trying an overall web search. It just seems to be a richer experience to see and hear someone handling that new LTE smart phone or strumming that funky chord pattern.

In the online marketing world, we are all familiar with the adage that content is king and for certain, content is the pillar on which any strong Optimize your business with video marketing strategymarketing campaign is built.  There is no question that the inclusion of well branded whitepapers, interesting blog articles and fresh content is paramount for our online assets considering our social media driven landscape, but video offers a unique opportunity for growing our brand and achieving our goals. More and more, we are finding that a video marketing strategy is essential for businesses looking to grow their brand through an effective, progressive medium. The ability to show someone what you are trying to convey through movement, sound and context opens the door to a much greater impact and better chance of succeeding in delivering your message.

The use of video will increase visitor retention and provide a greater conversion opportunity. A visitor is much more likely to extend their stay on your site if they become engaged watching an entertaining two to five minute video demonstrating a solution or explaining an offering than reading the classic text wall page.  We are aware of a number of success examples of companies utilizing video to achieve conversions and nurture their prospects experience significant growth as a direct result. From an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view, you can target long-tail keywords to further improve your rankings. Videos are being given increasing value on major search engines. There is a high probability that if your businesses website has an article and a video possessing the same keyword phrase that the video will receive a higher ranking regularly. Opportunity for exposure through popular social media mediums such as Facebook and Twitter is higher as the online community is more likely to share an interesting video clip than an article in many cases. Online Video is a tag-able, shareable content type that is rich to the senses.

Video marketing technology is moving fast. We aren’t just talking about commercial video spots, pop-up ads, webinars or instructional videos anymore. Interactive video is set to be a major marketing tool, especially as businesses transition to cloud based business models and need to streamline sales processes. Visitors have the ability to self direct themselves through demonstrations, training and qualifying processes leveraging the advantage of one too many communication. Consumers have shown an appetite for navigating through content at their own timing and convenience. With fresh ideas like the use of breakout ads and the arrival HTML5 video, a new standard for viewing video through the web, we are starting to see some creative examples of how it may be used for campaigns allowing user interaction. In addition, increased analytics and targeting will allow for greater marketing effectiveness.

NSFW: Tipp-Ex interactive video & breakout example. Make sure to select an option.

Defining a video marketing strategy is advantageous for growing brand recognition and extending visitor retention. If you haven’t started video marketing yet, it should definitely be considered as an option for improving your website presence.

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Terry U-Ming

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