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Consider These 2 Online Marketing Tactics for your B2B Marketing Strategy

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be on the rise and has become a staple of the B2B marketing strategy.  If you are not creating compelling fresh content for your online presence on a regular basis, then starting now is great step towards building the groundwork for forwarding your cause and moving up the organic search ladder.  The content on your web presence is vitally important and without being well thought out and executed, and then continually grown with fresh information, just results in a wasted opportunity.

 Content should:

  • Have cohesive messaging and a consistent brand. Everyone in your organization should be on the same page as far as approach and how you portray your team. Defining your messaging sets you apart.
  • Be Magnetic! The content that you create should be enlightening & engaging. Your content is the currency to developing a relationship with potential prospects.
  • Be planned strategically with specific keyword use in mind. Keyword research executed by an SEO specialist preferably with domain market experience that can identify optimization opportunities is a must.  Not all content such as blogs and articles can be keyword rich but utilizing them where you can will work in your favor.
  • Be added regularly. In house knowledge and insight is great to have in your content but outsourcing content creation to industry experts is a widely accepted solution to continually adding fresh new content to your web properties.

 Content can be in the form of:

  • New industry, product or solution focused pages.
  • Blogs, articles, whitepapers, case studies, eBooks or guides
  • Webinars & videos
  • Shorter length tips or features snippets aimed at the bust attention span challenged executive.

2.  Marketing Automation

With the lack of quality indicators in lead generation efforts, “The more leads the better” philosophy seemed to be prevalent. This has at times resulted in an abundance of leads that overwhelmed the sales department distracting them from the actual task of selling. Of course, the marketing department bears the brunt of the blame for supplying less than stellar leads and wasting valuable sales time. Third party online marketers with no domain experience are notorious for generating the big numbers that often end up eating up resources and producing nominal results.

Marketing automation platforms have spent the last few years maturing and many companies are now adopting this technology for their B2B marketing strategy and taking their marketing efforts to the next level with lead scoring, segmented nurture email campaigns and online campaigns. While learning and managing these powerful tools is often complex at the outset,   they are enabling us to identify the sales-ready leads sooner and add the earlier stage, lower scoring leads to a well thought out nurture program until they advance to the later stages of the buying cycle.

With marketing automation software, managing a large number of demand generated leads becomes, well, manageable, allowing your seasoned sales staff to focus on the deals that are happening now and identifying the prospects that should be closely monitored coming down the pipeline.

The leads that you garner from enriching your web properties with valuable content and utilizing lead capture strategies can now be leveraged, qualified and closed more efficiently through marketing automation software.  Multiple market surveys amongst technology partners show a rising trend in companies shifting their marketing budgets from traditional marketing methods to content marketing and marketing automation. Consider these strategies as you grow your marketing plan.



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Terry U-Ming

Terry brings 18 years of sales, marketing, business development and management experience to our team. His knack for understanding how best to apply technology to enhance business strategy, along with a keen attention to detail.