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You know how it is; you scour the internet, looking for blogs and articles with relevant yet compelling information about managing and running a successful business. You want cutting-edge ideas from real experts with practical experience, but what you find are dry, tired concepts that don’t apply to your business. What’s worse, you find yourself bored.

Thankfully, you’ve stumble upon us!

At PartnerWorks, we’re a group of well-qualified individuals with a passion for business, and for sharing our ideas. We’re also extremely creative and witty, with a knack for good writing and a “No BS” policy. From Sales and Marketing expertise and practice management, to the world of Search Engine Optimization and Online marketing experience, we’ve got your business covered.

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About the Author

Brandee Barker

Brandee has worked in various management roles such as Marketing Communications and Business Development and used her skills to help drive revenue for the organizations she has worked with. At PARTNERWORKS she is a Consultant who specializes in marketing coaching, copy writing, website strategies, and event execution.