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Salesworks Systems Inc. Announces Restructuring to Form Sales and Marketing Automation Practice and PartnerWorks Business Unit

Salesworks announces a strategic change in their business and introduces the formation of PartnerWorks – an independent entity that will focus specifically on the end-to-end management needs of software business partners. Salesworks will redirect its focus back to its original service offerings in the sales and marketing automation field. Both companies will continue to work together throughout the transition; ensuring current clients’ needs are met.

Vancouver, BC December 28, 2012: Salesworks Systems Inc. announces a restructuring of their business from a single entity into two distinct companies – Salesworks Systems Inc. and PartnerWorks Holdings. The decision to split the company was jointly made by controlling shareholders George Brown and Ross Allen in an effort to better serve the needs of the changing partner landscape.

Originally founded in 1986 as a pure play sales and marketing consultancy, Salesworks’ focus was on developing and implementing solutions that increased sales and drove profitable revenue for clients. As a sales focused organization, the original business model included front end marketing services such as demand generation, customer retention and broader messaging; as well as sales coaching, compensation and management.

Over the last 26 years, Salesworks has expanded its scope of services to include offerings directed at helping software resellers and professional services firms manage and grow their respective practices. These services focused on business management, executive coaching, financial modeling and analysis, and business planning; and although successful in driving client growth, shifted Salesworks away from its core business model. With widespread changes in the current market, it is clear that now, more than ever, is the time to once again focus on a pure play sales and marketing automation business.

“The name Salesworks has always been synonymous with driving sales and automating the sales process through the use of apt, effective marketing techniques. Much of what we do today is focused on other areas of the partner business. This restructuring allows Salesworks to go back to building out their sales and marketing consulting practice, while continuing to focus on the important work we do for partners, under the PartnerWorks brand name,” says George Brown, President of Salesworks Systems Inc.

Following the restructuring, George Brown will continue to drive the Salesworks business with the assistance of the current marketing team. This business unit will work directly with companies who are not software resellers, but require sales and marketing consulting services.  PartnerWorks will deal exclusively with all existing clients that are channel focused, such as software publishers and software resellers.

“As we move forward with PartnerWorks, I am excited to continue providing partners the strategic, valuable business management services they need to drive real business value. PartnerWorks will no longer provide marketing services to new clients, and focus more thoroughly on the modeling work, strategic consulting, and financial aspects of the partner business. Our workshop services will remain intact with the same program leaders, and we will continue to be part of the cloud transition of partner businesses,” says Ross Allen, President of PartnerWorks.

Ross Allen will lead the PartnerWorks practice with a team of senior consultants, program leaders, and other outside executive consulting professionals.  PartnerWorks will maintain and control the software reseller client records, the global partner benchmark data, cloud transformation modeling tools, courseware and other specific tools related to the channel that were previously held by Salesworks.

Throughout this period of transition, Salesworks and PartnerWorks will continue to collaborate on projects to ensure a continuity of service for their clients.

For more information about Salesworks please visit or contact George Brown at 604-685-3908.

For more information about PartnerWorks please visit or contact Ross Allen at 604-763-7700.

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Ross Allen’s expertise at PARTNERWORKS is to ensure that all businesses adapt and maintain a consistent approach to managing their businesses, and selling and delivering ERP and CRM projects. His extensive experience in systems analysis and sales process engineering enable him to rapidly develop and execute flexible technology implementations.