Happy Holidays from Your Friends at PartnerWorks!!


With 2009 quickly coming to an end, your friends at PartnerWorks wanted to remind you that December isn’t only for eating turkey. While stuffing and roast birds, eggnog and sugar cookies and all your other holiday favorites are surely the most delightful part of your holidays, there is still work to be done!

Traditionally, we see December as one of the highest sales months for business applications resellers (well the second highest sales month to be technical). That’s right – what you do in December can have a serious impact on more than just your waist line.  Come January 2nd, the race is on to close any deals left idle over the holidays, and get working on completing your implementations before June (which is traditionally the highest sales month).

So this Holiday season, PartnerWorks wants to remind you that while you’re dreaming of chestnuts roasting by an open fire, you should still be thinking about your pipeline.

Because even though we’re in Holiday Mode, we’re still here to teach you something.

Happy Holidays from PartnerWorks.

About the Author

Brandee Barker

Brandee has worked in various management roles such as Marketing Communications and Business Development and used her skills to help drive revenue for the organizations she has worked with. At PARTNERWORKS she is a Consultant who specializes in marketing coaching, copy writing, website strategies, and event execution.