• Salesworks Announces Company Restructuring

    December 28, 2012 0 Comments

    For Immediate Release

    Contact Person: George Brown
    Company Name: Salesworks Systems Inc.
    Phone Number:  604-685-3908
    Email Address:  george@salesworks.com
    Website URL: http://www.salesworks.com

    Salesworks Systems Inc. Announces Restructuring to Form Sales and Marketing Automation Practice and PartnerWorks Business Unit

    Salesworks announces a strategic change in their business and introduces the formation of PartnerWorks – an independent entity that will focus specifically on the end-to-end management needs of software business partners. Salesworks will redirect its focus back to its original service offerings in the sales and marketing automation field. Both companies will continue to work together throughout the transition; ensuring current clients’ needs are met. (more…)

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  • Our Best Collection of Cloud Resources

    July 5, 2012 0 Comments
    Our Best Collection of Cloud Resources

    Are you ready for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference?

    With WPC just around the corner, many Partners are wondering what big changes are coming. With the highest attendance expected in years, the 2012 Microsoft WPC is a must-attend. The buzz word right now is cloud, so in honor of the “next big thing” in the ERP industry, we’ve put together some of our best cloud resources. Happy reading!

    1. Developing Your Own IP In The Cloud: Part 1
      Ross Allen
    2. Developing Your Own IP In the Cloud: Part 2
      Ross Allen
    3. Forget Software As A Service, Think Of Software As A Utility
      Dana Willmer
    4. Transitioning to a Cloud-based CRM or ERP Business
      Ross Allen
    5. There’s Risk In Those Clouds, But Not for Customers
      Mark Stuyt
    6. SI Revenue at Risk
      Dana Willmer
    7. Are You Cloud-Ready?
      Dana Willmer
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  • PARTNERWORKS’ Bangin’ New Website

    July 7, 2011 0 Comments
    PARTNERWORKS’ Bangin’ New Website

    Check out our redesigned, revamped PARTNERWORKS Website (www.partnerworks.co).  We have expanded our service offerings and our website, while making the website easier to navigate, based on need, category or Microsoft Program.


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  • Are You Cloud-Ready?

    January 26, 2011 1 Comment

    OK, I admit it; I’ve had my head in the clouds these last months.

    Working on a number of projects for Microsoft, as well as with individual Partners, to help them prepare for the Cloud business opportunity. It’s become very clear to me that what’s needed is not simply an evolution of existing business practices, but a whole new approach, and business model.

    To be sure, Partners do not want to (and shouldn’t) abandon their traditional “on-prem” business, but in order to safely transition their practices to meet Cloud demand, they will have to keep their eyes on a few key things. Most importantly:

    Developing packaged IP.

    • The Cloud customer demands complete solutions, out of the box. Full stop. They are extremely reluctant to ante up considerable dollars for customization or even configuration. This means services revenue will shrink. In effect, it will have to be replaced by packaged IP that rounds out the base functionality (whether ERP or CRM). The Partner who ignores this need, does so at their peril. They just won’t earn the margins required to stay in business.

    Lowering installation costs.

    • In part related to the reluctance to pony up for services, and the need for packaged IP, is the requirement that implementation processes be streamlined. In some cases, dramatically.

    Lowering customer acquisition costs.

    • Today, it costs a Partner anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 to add a single “on-prem” customer. This is totally unaffordable in the Cloud, because there are no revenue “balloons” in the form of services or perpetual license sales. Both sales and marketing costs must be dramatically lower, in order for the Cloud to be profitable. Online demand generation and phone-based sales will rule in the Cloud.

    Lowering ongoing delivery costs.

    • Partners thinking of attempting to solve the technical issues associated with offering Cloud solutions, such as hosting, should think again. Hosting is a scale game. One the average Partner just can’t win. In practical terms, almost all of the time, this will mean outsourcing this part of the equation, and concentrating instead on adding customers, and building a subscriber base.

    Good News

    The good news is, for those who manage to do these things, the rewards can be very attractive. A subscription-based business model means a growing annuitized revenue stream. That means higher margins in the long run,

    and a more saleable business, that commands higher multiples. Finally, an owner has a viable exit strategy, and can contemplate a comfortable retirement, when the time comes.

    But this will require transitioning at least a part of the business to the Cloud. And make no mistake, demand will pull a Partner in this direction, ready or not.

    So be ready…

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  • Photo © 2010 GSCameraworks

    Things are getting hairy at PARTNERWORKS. Since November 1, our Mo Bros have been growing mustaches for Movember, a fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Canada.

    As of November 26, Team MoWorks has raised an impressive $3,425. And there is still time make a tax-deductible donation – simply visit http://ca.movember.com/mospace/561826/. (more…)

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  • From growing business to growing mustaches for prostate cancer

    It’s Movember and the PARTNERWORKS Mo Bros are cultivating their mustaches to raise awareness and funds to fight prostate cancer. By the end of the month, our office will be a mustachioed mecca, with an assortment of handlebars, fu manchus and Magnum P.I.s adorning our male team members’ upper lips.


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    Picture courtesy of Bryan’s cell phone.

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  • We’re Busting Out!

    December 2, 2009 0 Comments

    It’s been a great year over a PartnerWorks, and lucky for us our lease is up! We’ve grown and changed our ways, so we need a bigger, better, more functional space to contain all the energy and creativity we’ve got racing around. So much so, we’re actually moving over the holidays!

    As of December 21, 2009 our new bigger, brighter, better office will be located in the heart of funky Yaletown, feeding our minds and our bodies!

    Our new address is:

    #230 – 1122 Mainland Street,
    Vancouver, B.C.
    V6B 5L1

    Please be sure to update your contact details!

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  • holidays

    With 2009 quickly coming to an end, your friends at PartnerWorks wanted to remind you (more…)

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  • Welcome to the PARTNERWORKS Blog!

    January 8, 2009 0 Comments

    You know how it is; you scour the internet, looking for blogs and articles with relevant yet compelling information about managing and running a successful business. You want cutting-edge ideas from real experts with practical experience, but what you find are dry, tired concepts that don’t apply to your business. What’s worse, you find yourself bored.

    Thankfully, you’ve stumble upon us!

    At PartnerWorks, we’re a group of well-qualified individuals with a passion for business, and for sharing our ideas. We’re also extremely creative and witty, with a knack for good writing and a “No BS” policy. From Sales and Marketing expertise and practice management, to the world of Search Engine Optimization and Online marketing experience, we’ve got your business covered.

    So visit here often, subscribe to our blog RSS feed, or sign up for our newsletter (on the right side of this page). We guarantee you’ll learn something, and be entertained along the way!

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