• Salesworks Announces Company Restructuring

    Ross Allen December 28, 2012

    For Immediate Release

    Contact Person: George Brown
    Company Name: Salesworks Systems Inc.
    Phone Number:  604-685-3908
    Email Address:  george@salesworks.com
    Website URL: http://www.salesworks.com

    Salesworks Systems Inc. Announces Restructuring to Form Sales and Marketing Automation Practice and PartnerWorks Business Unit

    Salesworks announces a strategic change in their business and introduces the formation of PartnerWorks – an independent entity that will focus specifically on the end-to-end management needs of software business partners. Salesworks will redirect its focus back to its original service offerings in the sales and marketing automation field. Both companies will continue to work together throughout the transition; ensuring current clients’ needs are met.

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  • Partners making the transition from a traditional business model to a cloud-based business often focus on the technology elements of the transition and neglect the role marketing plays in building a volume business.  This is akin to the beekeeper that builds bigger and better hives and forgets about the flowers.

    This oversight is understandable.  Most of us have come from complex technical backgrounds or at least analytical ones and don’t have the domain expertise to consistently develop a good source of new business.  As PartnerWorks continues to consult with partners through the mechanics of their business transitions it has become apparent that the most vital function that needs attention is that of marketing.  Consider these 8 guidelines when developing your marketing efforts for your cloud business.

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  • What Factors Are Driving Your Business To Change?

    Sharka Chobot November 16, 2012

    There are the obvious factors such as the challenged economic environment, decreasing customer budgets, aggressive competitive behavior and pricing, as well as increasing labor costs, etc. I am sure you think about these factors daily and are proactively adjusting and responding to them. However, I want to focus your attention on some less obvious factors that will also need to be considered as you revise and adapt your business strategies.

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  • Start of the Fall Selling Season

    Bruce Ciarleglio September 17, 2012

    Summer is ending, back to school signals the start of the Fall Selling Season or does it?

    Take a quick look back and compare the following benchmarks for your company over the past four years:

    1. The number of new customer additions (new license sales only – not transfer of VAR)
    2. The number of deals you chased that you didn’t win.
    3. Your cost of sale (includes all your sales rated costs + marketing costs dived by the number of net new customer additions).

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  • Disruptive Insight

    Mark Stuyt September 5, 2012

    A Changing Tide

    Sales professionals are increasingly encountering an extremely well-informed buying community that is more often than not looking towards unbiased 3rd party sources or peer groups to validate vendor claims rather than to the vendors themselves. This significant shift in engagement behaviour has far reaching implications on sales strategy as prospects no longer need to identify or expose themselves in advance of a purchasing decision.

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  • Inflection Yet?

    Dana Willmer August 22, 2012

    There’s something about boarding a plane to another continent that causes one to reflect on how things are different (and the same) in different parts of the globe. As I head to post-Olympic London, I can’t help but wonder about whether the inflection point for Cloud demand has been passed in both Europe and North America.

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  • Who, Me? Procrastinate? Never!

    Sharka Chobot August 3, 2012

    What did you say you would do this week and didn’t? What was on your urgent to-do list that you were too busy to complete? Your business plan? Something at the house that needs fixing? I know, we all have more to do than we can possibly complete in a day…. and some things simply won’t ever get done. But it’s often the wrong things that are getting done and the important tasks that are being postponed. If you look closely, you may discover that the main reason you don’t have enough time to do what you say is most important is because you often procrastinate. I know; you’re not a procrastinator; you are a successful “get things done” kind of person. Well think again. It’s our blind spots that get in the way of our success in the long term.

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  • Our Best Collection of Cloud Resources

    Elise Duncan July 5, 2012
    Our Best Collection of Cloud Resources

    Are you ready for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference?

    With WPC just around the corner, many Partners are wondering what big changes are coming. With the highest attendance expected in years, the 2012 Microsoft WPC is a must-attend. The buzz word right now is cloud, so in honor of the “next big thing” in the ERP industry, we’ve put together some of our best cloud resources. Happy reading!

    1. Developing Your Own IP In The Cloud: Part 1
      Ross Allen
    2. Developing Your Own IP In the Cloud: Part 2
      Ross Allen
    3. Forget Software As A Service, Think Of Software As A Utility
      Dana Willmer
    4. Transitioning to a Cloud-based CRM or ERP Business
      Ross Allen
    5. There’s Risk In Those Clouds, But Not for Customers
      Mark Stuyt
    6. SI Revenue at Risk
      Dana Willmer
    7. Are You Cloud-Ready?
      Dana Willmer
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  • Ahhhh….Wait. There’s a delay.

    How good is your sales leadership?

    Would you like to reduce your cost of sale? Or maybe improve close percentages?

    Have you ever had a rep come to you at the 11th hour telling you that a ‘for sure deal’ is delayed because there is another stakeholder on the Buying Side that needs to be convinced?

    Why does it happen?

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  • Road to Success

    Terry U-Ming May 28, 2012

    Consider These 2 Online Marketing Tactics for your B2B Marketing Strategy

    1. Content Marketing

    Content marketing continues to be on the rise and has become a staple of the B2B marketing strategy.  If you are not creating compelling fresh content for your online presence on a regular basis, then starting now is great step towards building the groundwork for forwarding your cause and moving up the organic search ladder.  The content on your web presence is vitally important and without being well thought out and executed, and then continually grown with fresh information, just results in a wasted opportunity.

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