Ross Allen has been in the business software and accounting industry since 1980.  With decades of experience working for software publishers, VAR businesses and as a consultant to the ERP and CRM partner channel, Ross has developed a wide range of expertise in almost every aspect of the business. His specialty at PARTNERWORKS is to ensure that clients adapt and maintain a market relevant and consistent approach to growing their businesses selling and delivering complex technology projects. His extensive experience in systems analysis and sales process engineering enable him to rapidly develop and execute new approaches to doing business at a very practical level.

Ross Allen - PartnerWorks

Ross has successfully recruited and coached dozens of partners reselling packaged ERP and CRM software and related services. With PARTNERWORKS, Ross conducts highly experiential workshops and one-on-one consulting sessions for hundreds of partners throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

Ross holds degrees in accounting and computer science, is a Certified Public Accountant, and started his career in firms such as Ernst & Young and Computer Associates.

He loves spending time in Bordeaux with his wife Carlene where they can drink fine wine, eat great food and shop to their hearts content. They can also be found frequenting Angelina’s Café in Paris for the best cup of hot chocolate found anywhere in the universe bar none. An experienced chef on the side, Ross loves cooking roasted lamb loin with a Zin reduction sauce along with a delicate vegetable tian.