Elise has been part the PartnerWorks team now since 2010, bringing with her a keen sense of humour and sharp eye for detail. She loves travelling, and prior to joining the team,  spent 9 months backpacking around South America. When not sipping the wines of Mendoza, she likes to hide out on the North Shore Mountains, hiking with her puppies (6 is still puppy age, right?) and exploring the trails and beaches that Vancouver is famous for. After trudging through the mud Elise can usually be found curled up with a fresh cup of tea, dreaming about her next big adventure. India is at the top of the list, but it changes daily.

PartnerWorks - Elise Duncan

Not only does Elise bring fresh creativity to the team, she also boasts industry experience having worked as a Market Development Manager for Coca-Cola, and as a Marketing and Communications Specialist in both professional development and supply chain management. Her love of travelling keeps her inspired, and she dreams of someday working as a travel writer. Until then, she’s thrilled to be a part of the PartnerWorks team, combining business with pleasure to write meaningful content for a dynamic and growing field.